We are ready to host our second open tournament before Summer Dance Camp 2019. The tournament is open to anyone regardless of affiliation, but is approved by and follows the rules of DDD (The Danish Dance Schools WDC member) you can participate regardless of whether you participate in Summer Dance Camp, the tournaments are also open to foreign dancers. Sunday, July 1, 2019 at the BGI Academy Registration: on the page by June 30, 2019 Participating price: Dancers 100 DKK for the first category. Second category costs 50 kr. (Also applies to sign up for Star) For late registration there will be a fee of 25 kr. Before the tournament and on the day it will cost 50 kr. Address: BGI Academy, Gramvej 3, 8782 Hornsyld Event: Starting at 10.00 and the doors open at 8.30. The timetable will be announced on our website no later than 4 days before the tournament. Rules: DDD (The Danish Dance Schools WDC member) Anyone who wishes to try the Star series also has this opportunity without loss of current status Prizes: Great prizes in all rows